Asher Pacey: 5.40" Twin Keel - Black & Tan

By Shapers


The Asher Pacey 5.40" Twin Keel is inspired by Asher Pacey’s stylish and progressive Twin Fin surfing. The Asher Pacey Retro Keel redefines the traditional approach to flat and lateral twin fin surfing, bridging the gap between Twin Fins and Thrusters. The AP Twin Fins are designed to provide maximum drive, speed and hold through turns whilst maintaining a lively, free flowing ride that is iconic to twin fin surfing.

The Asher Pacey Keel is a refined keel with a scaled back rake that is designed for high performance surfing. The solid fibreglass construction offers great stability and control during high speed manoeuvres all the while maintaining that classic down the line retro keel feeling.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems


Black & Tan Hand Foiled Fibreglass


Base: 130mm | 4.44"
Depth: 140mm | 5.40"