Activator Stealth Quad Fin Set

Ships June 10, 2024
By Shapers

Fin Description


One of Shapers most popular all time Quad fin templates in the medium size, the Activator is a proven performer that is in the PIVOT Fin Class. The upright template creates a responsive feel that is often sort after by quad fin surfers and is generally easy to manoeuvre.

The Stealth construction is a premium offering that delivers extra control through a progressive flex pattern that loads up and then activates with a burst of energy.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems


Medium: 60-75kgs

Side Base: 114mm | 4.48"
Side Depth: 115mm | 4.53"
Side Sweep: 31°
Side Foil: Flat
Area: 9,883.85mm² | 15.32"²

Quad Rear Base: 99mm | 3.89"
Quad Rear Depth: 97mm | 3.81"
Quad Rear Sweep: 31°
Quad Rear  Foil: 80/20
Area: 7,238.70mm² | 11.22"²